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About Me


Livia started her spiritual journey in 2012 after the death of her father. Her 1st experience with meditation was her 1st Vipassana 10 day silent retreat in Igatpuri, India. After that she became an avid student of meditation and spirituality. In her journey she gathered knowledge from Kundalini yoga, Abraham Hicks, Teal Swan, Deepak Chopra, Vipassana, Echart Tolle, Joe Dispenza and many other spiritual leaders. She attended Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks seminars, the Osho meditation retreat, Vipassana 10 day silent meditation retreats in India and United States, Mindvalley's and Masterclass online workshops She has studied Feminine energy with Natalya Kobilkyna, Adrianne Everheart, Rory Ray, Christie Marie Sheldon, Helena Hart & Feminine Etiquette with School of Affluence.  Certified Coach in Law of Attraction and Women Empowerment. She deepened her knowledge, gained coaching experience and knowledge through the tools of Access Consciousness, being n Access Bars Facilitator and Certified Fucking Miracle Worker.

Livia is a curious soul and she continues her studies daily, always growing and expanding her consciousness!

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