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“All of Life Comes To Me With Ease Joy and Glory®”

Creating Change with the Tools of Access Consciousness®


I must confess, I was only connected with Access Consciousness in February 2020. Yet I know many of Access Consciousness energy was already present in my life for many years prior. Every year I set an intention, and 2020 was to TRUST! I kept asking the Universe "show me the way to create a new reality" I even said that if nothing miraculous happened until March, I'd take the year off and go to a cave in India to meditate. And then one day Youtube suggested an Access Bars video and I was lead into this wonderful world of ease joy and glory! Within 3 months I had become a Bars Facilitator, a Talk to The Entities Practitioner and a Certified Fucking Miracle Worker. Somehow Access Consciousness was a language I spoke fluently, I had taken many spiritual voyages into Vipassana, Theta healing, Soul Integration, all kinds of Yoga and Meditations, had tried medicine plants and had read tons of books, plus watched countless hours of Abraham Hicks, Teal Swan and too many more to mention, all of the mentors and philosophies fantastic however due to timing, non had opened my heart... Until I started knowing what I already knew through access in a simple way that my whole infinite being was eager to accept into all molecules of my body!



The gateway for real lasting transformation in your life and into Access Consciousness world of magic! Access Bars are 32 points in the head that when touched in pairs, effectively delete old programming and achieve the positive effect of a deep meditation. 
I constantly teach Access Bars Classes where you can lear these points, how to apply them to family members and how to become a practitioner and change the world 1 head at the time! If we are in the same area I can also run for bars in a really relaxing session! Check out schedules and bookings below!

Image by Melissa Askew


Bespoke online sessions to nudge your subconscious self to let go and clear all that no longer serves. These facilitating sessions are a deep energetic cleanse, shifting your quantum field in powerful ways. It is impossible to be the same after an Access Consciousness Facilitation. We can take the sessions even further by engaging and communicating  with all molecules of the universe including any entities that may be in your energy field. The distance isnt a solid reality when you are an infinite being and you can expand your energy worldwide! For more info on sessions check out below...



I facilitate online Workshops and Im always recording Youtube videos talking all about the many tools of Access Consciousness that are easily applicable in your life

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