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The Sky Goddess

Fly in the direction of your Dreams!

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               "What if I fall?

                Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

Erin Hanson

Who and What is
The Sky Goddess?

Welcome everyone, I am Livia Maciel also known as The Sky Goddess! But I am not the only one and I can't claim this name for myself as anyone can be a Sky Goddess including you! The Sky Goddess is a nick name given to Flight Attendants and this name matches the lifestyle because this job can be divine when it's done the luxurious way.
And what is the luxurious way would you may ask?
Well, did you know you could be a Flight Attendant exclusively on Private Jets?
Flying the top aircrafts and people in the world, with excellent job conditions and getting generously paid to travel the world?
Did you know that your dreams of traveling around the world are achievable though a fascinating career?
Are you curious to know how?


Become a VIP Flight Attendant NOW!


Career Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times the premium fuel to your successful career. My job is to give you the knowledge, tools and techniques to become the best VIP Flight Attendant you can be! After several sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. I highly recommend checking out my online course 1st as it will have the answers to many of your questions and once you have the foundation and you want to fly further, nothing as the help of a experienced trained professional to accelerate your growth Email me now to schedule a session.


Sky Goddess Online Course

Guidance & Inspiration

Do you dream of traveling the world? While getting paid? On a Private jet? Here's how!

I have researched and filtered all the information online and gathered my knowledge and experience to make an online course with all the initial information required for you to take the 1st steps in this dream career. This is a beginners course, rich in details, guiding you to take strategic steps towards your best options in Safety & Service Training, motivating you to harness your energy and make a clear decision to follow your dreams. My specialization will help and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals.


Live Training

The Fastest Way to Fly

If you are serious about this career and you want to start ASAP, you'll benefit from an Emergency Evacuation Live Training. This is the fastest and surest way to land a job. I love learning hands on and I feel it is the most practical way to gain confidence and apply knowledge. These Live Training sessions will connect you with the best in the industry as well as teach you all you need to know to jumpstart your dreams of flying! Join us as we prepare you for this fascinating career.

About Me

Livia Maciel has been a Certified Corporate Flight Attendant since 2014. She has worked in all kinds of dynamic scenarios and companies including ACI Jet, Clay Lacy, Jet Aviation, Executive Jet Management, Gama Aviation, Vistajet, Inflight Crew Connections, Sandals Resorts, Facebook and many more.
Livia has worked with worldwide leaders, politicians and celebrities, as well as International businesswomen & businessmen and friends & families that hired the jet for a special occasion.
With a  vast experience in charter, corporate & family owned flight operations, Livia has gathered valuable knowledge of what it takes to be an outstanding VVIP Flight Attendant in any environment.
Her extensive and professional training has added immensely to her safety and natural service skills. She has trained with the best in the industry including Flight Safety International, Medaire, The Red Cross, American Heart Association, Corporate School of Etiquette, Le Cordon Bleu, The British Butler Institute, Italian Kitchen Academy and many more.
Livia truly enjoys her career as a CFA and she is currently working as a Freelance Contract VVIP Flight Attendant based in Los Angeles, California as well as working as a Coach,Trainer & Speaker. In her personal life, Livia is an avid student of life and loves all subjects related to meditation, law of attraction, quantum physics, expanded consciousness and spirituality. She is constantly reading and learning and she loves to share her insights and experiences. She also loves to cultivate a positive outlook and energy in life and she applies it in her career, doing everything with love.

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