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Flight Attendant Services

Certified * Professionally Trained * Highly Experienced


My goal is to fulfill my duties as a contract flight attendant by positively contributing for a safe & excellent inflight experience while using & expanding my multidimensional & multilingual skills while evolving both career wise and personally.


Emergency crew evacuation trained by Flight Safety, Facts and Caps.

Corporate Flight Attendant Service, Culinary and Etiquette Training - The Corporate School of Etiquette

Butler Training - British Butler Institute, London.

AED&CPR - Medaire, Red Cross and American Heart association 

Cabin Hostess Training – Vistajet -UK & Malta.

Italian Cuisine Certification - Italian Kitchen Academy, Rome

French and Indian Cuisine Certification - Le Cordon Bleu, Miami

Raw food & Juices Certification

Food Handling, Salads and Sauces Culinary Certification

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication - Portugal

Competent Communicator Diploma - Toastmasters International


Working on an extensive team environment with other flight attendants, flight department and house team. Managing stock room and aircraft stock according to inventories and expirations both physically and on company’s database. Communicating effectively with purchaser and house managers to keep a matching stock between aircraft, homes and yacht and noting any changes/desires expressed by principals. Researching & catering from top restaurants, maintaining a close relationship with managers to accommodate specific client requests, always on top of new & trendy menu suggestions coordinated with food & wine manager. Updating restaurant lists and favorite menu items. Stocking and inventory of fine wines to pair with menus. Overviewing and coordinating with house managers, personal assistants and other team members the luggage lists and cargo placements for each flight and delivery to different properties. Coordinating electronic and technology updates with IT ground team. Handling, printing delivering highly value and confidential documents. Creating and managing high client profiles.

I am happy to send you a resumewith further experience, kindly  click the link below.

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